2017 Enfield Sensei Seminar

Empty Cup Karate is proud to host Sensei Paul Enfield and Sensei Michelle Enfield at a 3 day seminar, November 10-12, 2017.

This seminar will provide an insightful exploration of the techniques, applications, and training methods of Okinawan karate.  These methods are derived from Goju-ryu karate but practitioners of any style will find them valuable.  The instruction will particularly focus on bunkai (application and explanation of kata) and the tools and drills that help support practical application.  This seminar will be helpful for martial artists of all levels.

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Payments are accepted via check, cash, Venmo, PayPal, Credit Cards, and e-transfer.

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            Matt Stanley & Janelle Stanley

            1 Washington Square Village, 6H

            New York, NY 10012




Sensei Paul Enfield began studying the martial arts in Oxford, England in 1979.  He obtained his black belt in 1984 and shortly afterwards journeyed to Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, to study karate full-time.  He remained in Okinawa and Japan for three years and became uchi-deshi (live in student). While in Asia he traveled to Korea, Taiwan and China to further his research into the martial arts. At the end of 1987 he came to the United States where he has taught karate ever since.  Sensei Enfield has translated three martial arts books from Japanese to English, and has written numerous martial arts related articles. Although Goju-ryu karate is Sensei Paul’s main area of study he has also studied Tai Chi Chuan, Lau Gar Gung Fu, and Brazilian Jiujitsu. Ten Years after leaving Japan Sensei Paul returned to Okinawa to study Goju-ryu karate under Miyazato Eiichi Hanshi.   Sensei Paul is 7th Dan Kyoshi and is the head instructor at Goju Karate Center.


Sensei Michelle Enfield began her study of martial arts in Krav Maga and then continued on to Goju-ryu. She obtained her black belt in 2004 and has trained in Okinawa and all over the world. Her infectious energy and attitude infuse students with personal power to inspire them to achieve the highest levels of physical achievement and mental mastery. Sensei Michelle is an active member of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce and Soroptimist International. She is a former preschool owner/teacher, with a certification in Early Childhood Education. Sensei Michelle also has served as a Special Olympics coach, fundraising coordinator and certified fitness instructor. When not at the dojo, she regularly gives educational talks, advocates for Sexual Assault victims, and works with community organizations and non-profits on karate demonstrations and corporate team building. Sensei Michelle currently holds the rank of 5th Dan and is the primary instructor at Goju Karate Center.