Self Defense Seminars


We recommend that workshops have 5-20 participants.

We teach self-defense strategies based on intelligence, not muscle.  Techniques are simple and effective.  Students at all types of seminars will be able to practice strikes and defenses at full force on an instructor.

Our training is both physical and mental.  In addition to self-defense techniques, you will develop methods for awareness, risk reduction, danger avoidance, and the realization of your own ability to defend yourself.

Self-defense seminars for small groups and organizations are available upon request.   If your group would like to have a self-defense seminar, please contact the dojo via our Contact Page, or by sending an email to

Women’s Self Defense

This is a 2 hour seminar that provides an introduction to self-defense, crime prevention, personal safety, and empowerment. It is designed to help women understand the types of self-defense scenarios they are most likely to face, and teach simple techniques to help women defend themselves.

LGBTQ Self Defense

Empty Cup Karate also offers 2-3 hour self-defense seminars for the LGBTQ community.  These seminars are specifically designed for self-defense scenarios LGBTQ individuals and couples are more likely to face.

Allies and Bystander Intervention

This 2 hour seminar will focus on interventions and de-escalation techniques for allies and bystanders who witness hate-speech, escalating social violence (e.g., bullying), and violent group actions. We will teach effective ways to recognize potentially dangerous situations early, avoid risk, and maximize safety. We will also review self-defense law.

Family Self Defense and Disaster Planning

This seminar will teach families of all types how to avoid danger, plan for disasters, and react to and recover from dangerous situations. Participants will learn how to respond to more individually-threatening situations as well, such as losing track of a child in an unfamiliar location, robberies, assaults, and other potentially traumatizing situations. Adults will learn about children’s stress reactions, how best to utilize the existing strengths of their family, and how to talk to children about traumatic events. Children will learn resilience skills and basic danger-communication strategies.

Families are encouraged to bring members of all ages to this seminar.  Instruction will be tailored by age group, with simple instructions even young children can learn.


The more prepared you are to defend yourself, the less likely you will ever have to.